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 The phrase "Organizational Development' is vague, even to those in the field.  The best way to describe this is anything that impacts organizational performance that is not a compliance related topic or concern.

We have yet to see a one size fits all approach to anything related to organizational development.  Each solution is unique as each organization and individual is unique.

We have assisted companies with multiple projects related to the people side of their business - and not a single one was the same.  

The initial process is similar, however.  L & L Solutions will work to diagnose the challenge or opportunity as it relates to both your current and future culture.   Recommendations are presented and we work together to make them happen.  These are team efforts and everyone's involvement is the key to success.

How Do We Help with Culture

Every company has a culture, even if it is not clearly defined.  We work with leaders and managers of companies to help them understand the factors that define and impact their culture.  If there is a change they want to make, we provide a road map and guidance.

Our job is not to tell leadership what their culture should be.  Our job is help leaders see what culture they currently have and guide them if they want to see changes.   This process is geared towards the future objectives of the company and creating the environment to help achieve those goals. 

What Impacts Culture?

 *Assessment Surveys

      -Manager Effectiveness Index
      -Trust Index

       -Diversity and Inclusion Index

       -Employee Engagement Index

*Performance management - Check out a recent interview
*Pay for performance

*Organizational design

*Executive coaching

*Employee engagement

*Work flow analysis

*Employee Alignment (

*Competency modeling

*Succession planning
*Diversity programs

*Mentoring programs

*Recruiting processes


*Employment branding

*Employee Development (

Samples of Previous Solutions

 *Re-designed the process flow for the recruiting department of a large organization.  Time to hire was cut in half using existing resources and technology while hiring for culture fit

*Developed a Career Learning System for mechanics in a large manufacturing facility.  Career progression and salary are now based on knowledge and value added services to the company which supported company culture.

*Designed a custom succession planning process which eliminated a bottleneck for internal promotions (and internal promotion success)

*Developed a performance management system based on team organization and culture.  Moved individual contributors into a team environment which increased productivity, reduced customer wait time and increased employee satisfaction with work redistribution

*Designed a career planning module for entry level employees.  The program was designed for a two year development cycle and then employees left to advance their careers.  Results were the company could plan for turnover, learning was celebrated and entry level candidates sough them out to gain experience in the field.

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