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Leadership Development



This three day class is designed for those who supervisor others or are looking to increase their skills.

*Understanding the Role

-Understanding the challenges of the role and commin challenges

*What is Your Communication Style

    -Flexing your style for effectiveness


    -Bridging the gaps

*Build Influence and Credibility

    -Positioning yourself for results

*Creating Accountability

    -Maximizing performance of your team

*Leading Change

    -Managing the transitions

Supervisor Effectiveness



This two day class is designed for the working supervisor or those new to supervision.  It covers the foundation skills to be successful in this role.

*Understanding the Role

    -Outlines expectations of the role and common challenges

*Making the Transition

-How to navigate the new expectations and political environment

*Giving and Receiving Feeedback

    -How to effectively communicate with your team

*The Art of Delegation

-Skills to achieve results through others

*Building a Cohesive Team

    -Creating an Environment for success 



One-On-One coaching is an excellent way to explore areas that may be hindering performance by focusing on areas specific to the manager or leader.  Using a structured process, coaching can be combined with training to reinforce concepts.

Recent Success Stories

Manager of a mid-sized department increased manager effectiveness score from 62% to 80%

Leader increased team perception of her as a leader by 76%

Supervisor increased perception of people management skills by 23 percentage points

Other Topics



*Culture - What's the Big Deal?

*Human Resource Development Tracks (early career and mid-advanced career)  

*HR issues for Supervisors

*Performance Management

*Effective Interviewing Skills

*Problem Solving

*Ethics in Business


*Dealing with Challenging People

*FMLA Administration

Don't see what you are looking for?  Let us know and we can either custom design a program for you or direct you to one of our partners.



 Culture is a vague concept and difficult to define.  Once we define culture, we can start to have a conversation about it.  We define culture on terms of behaviors.  Behaviors on how employees treat each other, how customers are treated, and the interaction with the community.

With this definition, it is easier to see that everything an organization does, and everything the people in that organization does, impacts culture.

Our job is not to tell you what your culture should be.  Our job is to help you understand the impact of behavior on culture.

We help you define the desired culture that will support and advance your unique business and situation.  Then, we help you put tools in place to bring you to that desired culture. 

This includes everything from leadership interactions with employees, the policies a practices put in place, to things that are allowed to occur.

What People are Saying



*I feel I have come a long way and hope to continue to grow with the help of this lesson.  These classes “rocked”!   I feel It has helped tremendously!

*Rob Burn is a very good speaker and made the presentation of what would normally be very boring material interesting and enjoyable.

*He presented the material in a way that had participation using great examples.  Allowed for lots of relevant discussion.

*I think this is a great program and its sheds a lot of light on things I didn’t know about being a supervisor.  No matter how good you are at your job you can always improve.

*Perfect pace, tons of small takeaways already implemented into my day to day interactions.  

*I really feel like I’ve received a return on my investment in the course.

*Rob was very knowledgeable and provided clarification on topics that can be confusing.  Great seminar.

*I thought it was a really good program. I already recommended it to a fellow supervisor.

*Rob was extremely informative.  Whenever questions were asked, he didn’t just answer but asked questions to guide us to a solution!

15 Minute Leadership

15 Minute Leadership is a video based training series designed for supervisors, managers and leaders.   Each of the 10 topics is designed to provide practical guidance on a specific topic of managing the people side of the business.  Topics include:  Culture, Trust, Coaching, Dealing with Difficult Behavior, Leading Effective Meetings, Change Management, Generations, Engagement, Delegation and Interviewing.  Check out this sample video - Culture, What's the Big Deal

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