Employee Surveys


Why Do A Survey

Employees and related expenses are often the single largest line item on a P & L.  Employees provide the services and produce the product the company uses to make money and achieve its purpose.  It should be no surprise that if employees are engaged and happy, their productivity and loyalty will increase, resulting in less stress and more profit.

*15% of employees are engaged on their jobs.  This means that 85% o employees are not engaged with their jobs.

*80% of employees are actively looking for a new job or would be open to a new job.  How much time are they spending time looking for a new job at work?  Are they giving you their best effort?

*Companies with engaged employees report a 17% increase in productivity.  Imagine the business results if each person gave just a little bit more.

*Engagement reduces 41% of absenteeism.   How much money do you spend because of absent employees?  Engaged employees want to come to work and do not spend time "working the attendance system".

Our surveys are designed to provide you with information to make effective management decisions with a quick turnaround time.  

Employee Opinon Survey

The basic principle behind an opinion survey is to measure thoughts and feelings about the work experience and employee  experience.  Common areas include questions about:  compensation, benefits, relationship with co-workers, personal growth, alignment with the culture, recognition, feedback and wellness/work life balance.  Most of these topics can be measured and improvements made on a systemic (organizational) level.

Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement can be difficult to define.  We define employee engagement as voluntarily providing discretionary effort at work.   Most employees know the minimum expectations of the job and what to do to avoid a trip to the supervisors office or human resources.  Anything above that is voluntarily given because they want to.

Inclusion Survey

How well is the organization doing with creating an inclusive environment?  Do people feel welcome?  Do they feel they can share different perspectives in a safe environment?  Are your diversity efforts working?  Are you creating an environment where employees can be successful?

Leadership/Supervisor Effectiveness

The relationship one has with their supervisor is often the deciding factor in engagement or leaving a company.  It is often cited as the number one reason why people engage with a company.  Understanding how effective leaders and managers are gives them the tools to make improvements in areas such as managing the people side of the business, do they demonstrate the core values of the company or how are they at the technical side of management.

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