Human Resource Services

 If you find yourself spending your time on activities that are not focused on your core business, let L & L Solutions take care of those functions for you.  If you are doing something you see on the list below, ask yourself "is doing this the best use of my time right now?".  Services range from helping you with a project to managing your HR function.

Services We Offer


*Affirmative Action Plans (AAP)

*Handbooks - development and updates

*HR Reviews

*Workplace  and Sexual Harassment/Discrimination Prevention


*Employee Opinion Surveys

*Employee Engagement Surveys

*Inclusion Surveys

*Performance Management


*Employee Relations

*Questions and Answers

*On-Site Support Human Resources Support

*Remote Support Human Resources Support


*ADA Analysis

Why Invest in Human Resources

Ignoring HR activities is like not changing the oil in your car.  Things will run well for a while, but over time, damage is done and the engine eventually overheats and stops working.  Ignoring HR is similar.  Watch this video to review some of the risks of ignoring HR practices.

Check out this interview outlining the risks of ignoring HR

Compliance Special

Contact me in 2018 about your Federal Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) and receive an 18% discount on what you currently pay (proof of current cost required).

Sign up in 2018 for AAP services and enjoy those rates for 3 Plan years.

What is Your Challenge?